Our Mision

The main mission of GeoMinerals USA Group Inc., is provide and facilitate a wide range of Refined Oil Products to our clients directly from Refineries. It means good products and better prices; also to develop, patent and make available to the Oil Industry, advanced technological solutions for recovery, treatment and remediation of crude oils, as well as the improvement of it in the production processes, converting these operations on positive results to our clients. Our processes have implied a bio remediation and recovery of contaminated areas by oil spills; pits of oxidation; mining actions; maritime, river or ground accident and should be understood in the industry that makes up these sectors, as a value on the rise both financial and environmental levels, even more so when there is a growing social demand and Government interest in a necessary protection of the environment offering convert cost involving operations of bio-remediation in a real cash benefit to the industry of petroleum or mining.

GeoMinerals USA Group Inc., is also committed to supply reliable and quality commodity products at better prices, like gold and diamonds, to our clients.

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