Our Services are basically as follows:

  • ​​We trade on with, Crude Oil and a wide range of Oil refined products and its derivatives, to provide to our clients, not only in a very simple way process but at better prices.

  • Geominerals USA Group Inc., as an Authorized Mandate of four (4) Gold Mine owners in Africa, is committed to help African Gold artisans miners, to promote and sale, their rare and precious metals and stones.  That is why we can offer reliable quantities of authentic and verifiable commodities, like Gold and/or diamonds of high quality and purity, to clients around world, making the sale-purchase moment a non-dramatic process to both parts. In this way we  minimize risk on the sale and acquisition process, being focus on helping African people and Artisans producers around world, to get better and fair prices for their products. 

  • We continue researching and developing  a new technology for Treatment and Remediation of Crude Oil, to be available to Energy Industry very soon. This technology also enhance API on Crude Oils, by a dehydration process​, using our new invented equipment.  With this equipment named UTR-Cobroiler we can also treat oil sludges, recovering 100% of crude oil contained on it.