• Reduction of social impact in relation to the implementation of any type of installation of the hydrocarbon industry.

Productive technical reasons.


Our main activity is to develop and implement technologies for the oil industry, both in the recovery and improvement of crude oils and in the management of the rest of the elements and residues contained on it.

  • BS & W results lower than 1%.

  • Results regarding reduction of S up to 60% of the content.

  • API improvement results.

  • Reduction of construction costs of facilities up to 25%.

  • Reduction of energy costs between 20 and 40%.

  • Reduction of operating costs up to 30%.

  • Decrease in oil density up to 880%.

  • Decrease in oil viscosity up to 630%.

  • Increased settling speed of water droplets up to 1,100%.

  • Reduction of thermal requirements up to 96%.

  • Reduction of the size of conventional installations up to 86%.