Who We Are

GeoMinerals USA Group Inc., is a company funded by a qualified multidisciplinary, technical and commercial team, whose main objective is the commercialization of a new, unique and one of a kind Crude Oil improvement and treatment technology, at any stage of the production process of the crude oil , meaning from the extraction through out the production phase up to the recovery of the Oil from the resulting oil sludge.

GeoMinerals USA Group Inc. is in an international expansion phase, arousing a growing interest in the services it offers, based on the most advanced technology in crude oil treatment and remediation with NO USE OF CHEMICALS and the versatility of its equipment to adapt to services on each concrete case.

GeoMinerals USA Group Inc. works with  partners companies in the different geographic areas like public and private clients, committed to the Introduction of the technology, based on technical studies of each project and the contracting and execution thereof.